Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

A netizen replied regarding to John Okafor Mr Ibu Demise


Following the recent demise of Nollywood Legend/Comic Actor popularly known as (Mr Ibu).

Minister of arts and culture, Hannatu Musawa, has expressed sadness over the death of Nollywood’s Mr Ibu.

The minister lamented that this was coming just 24 hours after the sudden demise of Mr Ibu’s colleague, Sisi Quadri.

In 2023, Mr Ibu granted a visual interview about the spiritual and medical battles he faced to overcome his illness.

The video from the media chat recently went viral online as netizens weighed in on the matter.

“You didn’t take good care of yourself. RIP,” a netizen wrote.

Twitter users react following the death of popular actor, Mr. Ibu.

He says, “Before Mr. Ibu died, his first wife divorced him & took away his savings.

The second wife accused him of sleeping with the daughter. Consequently, he suffered diabetes. Had blood clotting & dead blood vessels in the leg.

His daughter squandered the money meant for his surgery. His wife still asked for an iPhone 15 while he was dying.

He sold almost all his properties. His leg was eventually amputated.

Marriage is a loss to every man!”

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A citizen twitted following the response of His adopted daughter Jasmine Okafor, thereby converting her father’s TikTok account to hers.

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what a loss to the entertainment industry!!!