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Copying my dance may not get you husband marie wiseborn speaks

VIDEO: Moses Bliss shares moment from his court wedding

Marie Wiseborn, the wife of MOSES, has advised young ladies trying to copy her dance steps that led to her marriage to the gospel singer. 


Bliss and Marie tie the knot over the weekend in Ghana.


Last week, the lovebirds held their court, traditional, and church weddings including a praise concert in Accra, Ghana’s capital city.

During his performance, Bliss invited his wife to the stage wherein she revealed how they met on Instagram.

Wiseborn said she was reluctant to give the singer a response after he had watched her dancing video and sent her a message.

The Ghanaian-born, British-trained lawyer said she gave in to Bliss’ proposal after she was “convinced by the Holy Spirit”.

She also cautioned single ladies who think copying her dance would get them husbands.

“I remember when God said to me go ‘back and message him’. I remember saying God why? How can I go back and message him? I was dragging my leg. So I did not know that all this while he had been praying,” she said.

“One thing that I want you all to take away is that I see a lot of people doing the same dance I do on Instagram. As soon as I posted, everybody wants to post their dance, but one thing God dropped in my spirit was that people were too focused on the vehicle and not the driver. So one thing I want us to leave with is that all of us came to this destination with different vehicles.

“So ultimately is not about that if you do my dance you will get married too, if you want to get the same result it shows that the right driver is going to drive us here.”

Bliss engaged Wiseborn in January. He also spoke about how he met the lawyer on Instagram.

According to moses bliss, she posted a video of herself dancing to ‘Miracle No Dey Tire Jesus’, one of his hit songs, about a year ago.

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