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Arsenal Vs Luton Town (0 – 0) – Live – European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga)

  1. Arsenal welcome Luton after impressive outing against defending champions..

A Netizen comments:

To all my fellow Stakers

One thing you don’t understand about the book makers or rather bookies is that they want us to always play the easy game with small odd and so doing we continue to add more games to boost the odd there by increasing the chances of us losing

Now sometimes we should let the bookies know we are aware of thier game
In a game like arsenal vs Luton and mancity vs Aston villa
Everyone will go for mancity to win and arsenal to win

Re: Arsenal Vs Luton Town (0 – 0) – Live

But who is bold enough to stake funny because football is actually a funny game atimes.

Now lets play Aston villa to score mancity 0.5
It means Aston villa will score one goal
What about we are bold enough to also say Brentford vs Brighton is straight draw…this are big big odd the bookies don’t want you to stake

In all you do Stakers ensure you involve psychology, intelligence, logic minus emotions when betting

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