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Gospel singer Moses bliss and wife Parents

Gospel singer Moses bliss and wife Parents
Here is a beautiful tip on all you need to know about Gospel singer Moses bliss and wife Parents. Do you know Moses Bliss is estimated of a net worth of around $800,000.
Moses Bliss awards
Moses Bliss shows off his numerous awards as he marks the end of 2021. (credit:Instagram/MosesBliss).

This Moses Bliss Biography will show you how the younger minister grew from nothing to a powerful singer. Moses Bliss is a gospel singer, songwriter, record label owner, fashion designer, and minister.

Aside from his countless hit songs, Moses Bliss is recently known in the entertainment industry for his iconic performance at Ekene Umenwa’s wedding that broke the internet.

After that incident, many who encountered his music for the first time started looking to know who the singer was and the source behind his powerful songs.

However, in this article, you will learn about Moses Bliss biography, his age, parents, siblings, state of origin, wife, and net worth

Moses Enang Uyoh famously known as Moses Bliss was born on February 20, 1995. This means the gospel minister is currently 29 years old.

Moses Bliss’s state of origin is Akwa Ibom State in the southern part of Nigeria. He’s from the Anaang tribe and his hometown is Ukana Local Government Area located in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

Moses Bliss grew up in a Christian family in the city of Abuja where he completed both his primary and secondary school education.

After his secondary school education, Moses Bliss then proceeded to the National Open University of Nigeria, where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business administration.

Upon graduation, Moses Bliss ventured into trade and opened his own business before then venturing into music.

2. Moses Bliss parents

Moses Bliss is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Uyoh from Akwa Ibom state. His mother, Mrs. Paulina Uyoh is a civil servant and a businesswoman in Abuja.

Before Moses Bliss became famous, he was assisting his mother in her business to sell things in the market. This helped Moses to raise money for his education and also to feed his family.

However, not much is known about his biological father, but Moses Bliss calls his spiritual father, Pastor Dr. Chris Otabor his daddy.

Dr. Chris Otabor is a renowned pastor and preacher of the word of God. He is also a senior consultant, and surgeon, working in a government hospital.

Moses Bliss parents
On the right is Moses Bliss with his mother, Mrs. Paulina Uyoh during her birthday, while on the left is a throwback picture of Moses Bliss and Pastor Dr. Chris Otabor. 

Moses Bliss recalled that in 2014, his spiritual father gave him money to record his first song and from that point, the Pastor became like his manager. He would give him money for any song he wanted to record despite his busy schedule.

Pastor Otabor also single-handedly sponsored Moses Bliss’s first trip outside Nigeria and would treat him just like he would treat his biological son.

Moses Bliss has been under his training & mentorship for the past 11 years which he said has been his best decision after meeting the Lord Jesus.

Gospel singer Moses bliss and wife Parents

3. Moses Bliss siblings

Moses Bliss is the eldest child of his parents’ three children. This means that Moses Bliss has two younger siblings, a boy and a girl.

Although they are both in school, Moses Bliss’s siblings live in their family house in Abuja with his parents and they frequently visit the gospel minister in his home.

Moses Bliss and sibling
Moses Bliss’s two younger siblings, King Imoh and Inyene Sunshine visited him after several months in school.  (credit:Instagram/MosesBliss)

Moses Bliss’s younger sister, Ella Inyene Sunshine, is also a singer, songwriter, and member of Loverworld, Christ Embassy music group.

His younger brother, King Imoh is currently in University and he is an aspiring rapper and music producer.

4. Moses Bliss career

Moses Bliss began his music career at a young age. He was just five years old when his mother would take him to choir rehearsals. That was how he developed an interest in music and began learning how to play musical instruments.

However, when he graduated from the University he did not venture into music immediately, rather he began his fashion design business which he had mastered while in school.

Although he had the passion, Moses Bliss said he was not ready to venture into music when his pastor, Chris Otabor gave him money in 2014 to record his first song.

When he finally ventured into music, Moses Bliss Said he was always told that music was not for him and that he was wasting his time and money in the studio.

This made him lose faith in music, especially after releasing songs in 2014 that did not do well. However, he always remembered the voice of his pastor, Dr. Chris Otabor who told him that he was a star and that one day the whole world would sing his song.

Subsequently, Moses Bliss joined the choir at Believers Loveworld church where started performing as a gospel singer.

In January 2017, Moses Bliss then released his first official single titled “E No Dey Fall My Hand” which introduced him professionally as a gospel singer in Nigeria.

Although the song got some traction in Abuja, he did not become famous to the point he was always rejected to headline gospel events in the city because his face could not pull a crowd.

This motivated him to pray and fast for God to give him the grace that can pull a crowd. He also started doing more rehearsals to harness his talent both in church and at home.

However, in 2019 Moses Bliss rose to prominence when he dropped his hit single titled “Too Faithful,” a song that brought him to the limelight and made him a household name among gospel music lovers.

Then in 2020, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the founder of christ Embassy awarded him 1000 dollars for winning the 2020 Loveworld International Music and Arts Award. The money and recognition further elevated his musical career and he continued from there to be the global singer that he is today.

5. Moses Bliss net worth

Moses Blis is currently one of the most sought-after gospel ministers in the Nigerian gospel music industry of recent times, making him one of the highest-earning young singers.

Aside from his songs, Moses Bliss is also a Fashion designer and entrepreneur. He is the owner of Shades of Bliss, a fashion designing business that is into sewing Nigerian native wear.

Moses Bliss is also the owner and founder of The Spotlight Nation, a record label company where gospel artists like Ebuka Songs, Festizie, Doris Joseph, Chizie, Neeja, and Son Music are signed.

He is also a brand ambassador. His brand-influencing jobs are predominantly for people who are inspired by his fame, faith in God, and relatable personality.

Moses Bliss is estimated of a net worth of around $800,000 and it increases as time passes.

His major sources of income include his music streams, brand endorsements, live performances and events, his fashion business, Shades of Bliss, and his record label, Spotlite Nation.

Moses Bliss’s expensive houses and cars are not known, however, he had gifted several cars to his record label signees and also his parents.

6. Moses Bliss songs

Moses Bliss has a melodious voice that is more appealing to young audiences which is why his music resonates more with the new generation of Christians in Nigeria and Africa at large.

The youth rarely listen to gospel music, but how Moses Bliss incorporates everyday pidgin slang words into his music has made his songs more appealing to the younger audience, therefore winning souls for God in a demographic that is rarely tapped by gospel artists.

His songs are uplifting and incorporate the daily prayers of an average Nigerian Youth, making him the first to come to mind when an average Nigerian youth wants to worship God.

Since his breakthrough in 2019, Moses Bliss has gone on to drop multiple songs and albums and has garnered millions of streams.

Some of the songs and albums Moses Bliss has released include but are not limited to:

  • E No Dey Fall My Hand (single 2017)
  • Too Faithful (single 2019)
  • Bigger Everyday (single 2020)
  • Too Faithful (13 tracks album 2021)
  • Miracle (single 2021)
  • Grateful (single 2021)
  • New generation (single 2023)
  • More Than Music – Transcendent Worship (13 tracks album 2023)

7. Moses Bliss Awards

Moses Bliss has won numerous awards since his breakthrough into the gospel music industry.

Below is the list of the awards he has been honored with:

  • In 2020 Moses Bliss won the Best Gospel Artist of the Year at the Loveworld International and Art Music Award (LIMA) for his single titled “You I Live For”, a track on his Too Faithful album released in 2020.
  • In 2021, he won the African Song of the Year at the CLIMA awards for his song “Too Faithful”
  • That same year, he won Breakthrough Artist Of The Year at the Gospel Touch Music Awards
  • In December 2023, Moses Bliss won the Artist of the Year at the Kingdom Achievers Awards.
  • That same year, he won the African Gospel Song of the Year at the Clima Africa with his song titled “Miracle No Dey Tire Jesus”

8. Moses Bliss Wife

Moses Bliss is currently married to his London-based Ghanaian wife, Marie wiseborn. They had their court and traditional wedding in February 2024 and then their white wedding in March same year.

Marie Wiseborn is a London-based lawyer, barrister, and motivational speaker. She is also the founder of Learning Lite, a platform she set up to help tomorrow’s generation become better versions of themselves.

Wiseborn attended the University of Surrey’s School of Law in the United Kingdom, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in law in September 2022.

She then proceeded to the University of London in the UK, where she earned her Bar Vocational Studies Postgraduate Diploma.

Moses bliss traditional wedding
The moment Moses Bliss gave his beautiful wife, Marie Wiseborn a wedding ring at their traditional wedding in Ghana. (Credit:YouTube/GhBrain)

Moses Bliss and Marie Wiseborn met on Instagram after she tagged the singer while dancing to one of his songs and they exchanged contacts as friends.

Their friendship grew into something special and they began dating shortly after. They dated for about a year before Moses Bliss asked her to marry him.

Moses Bliss revealed his engagement to Marie Wiseborn on Friday, January 19, 2024, through his social media page. The engagement pictures and videos blew the internet because his fans never knew he was dating such a black beauty.

The couple subsequently did their court, traditional, and white wedding a few months later.

9. Conclusion

Above is Moses Bliss biography and we hope it helps you to know more about your favorite gospel artist.

Moses Bliss’s life and breakthrough is a testimony of God’s grace which he always preaches in his songs and interviews.

According to the singer, he is not as talented as the most talented but he was able to go this far only through the grace of God.

The way he expresses this grace in his songs with some Nigerian pidgin slang words made his music resonate more with the youth who also seek such grace from God.

Thank you for reading this Moses Bliss biography to the end.

Gospel singer Moses bliss and wife Parents

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