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Oga Sabinus (Mr Funny) Biography: Age, Real Name, Education, Career, Awards, Girlfriend, Net Worth.

Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Ejekwu, known as Mr Funny or Oga Sabinus, is a Nigerian comedian, content creator actor and skit maker.

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Oga Sabinus

Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Ejekiru, widely known as Oga Sabinus, Investor, Mr Funny, or Mumu Man, is one of the leading skit makers or comedy personalities in Nigeria. He is from Rivers State.

Early Years and Education

Oga Sabinus was born on January 30, 1995, and he spent his early/formative years in a devout Christian family. His zest for humor was evident from a young age, as he would effortlessly crack jokes that left his friends in stitches. Pursuing a degree in Linguistics and Communication at the University of Port Harc, he laid the academic foundation for his future career.


Oga Sabinus officially launched his comedy career in 2015 while studying in Port Harcourt. Initially, his comedy prowess found expression in both stand-up and online skits. However, in 2019, he made a strategic move to Lagos, focusing solely on online comedy. His dedication paid off, and within a short period he had become a standout figure in the industry.


Rise to Stardom

A turning point in his career was marked by the 2019 Bae Awards, where he clinched the title of the Best Online Comedian. His successful rise continued as he secured the Best Online Content Creator Award at the prestigious AMVCA in 2022, solidifying his status as a comedy maestro.


Beyond comedy, Sabinus has ventured into acting, gracing the screens in Nollywood movies like ‘Billionaire’s Bride’ and ‘Man of War.’ His versatility as an entertainer shines through, making him a sought-after talent in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Recognition and Awards

With his successful rise to stardom,  Sabinus boasts an impressive number of awards and recognition, including the Humour Awards for Revelation of the Year and the GAGE Awards for Online Comedian of the Year in 2022. His influence extends beyond traditional comedy, as shown by his nomination in the 2021 inaugural edition of The Humor Awards Academy.

Personal Life

While not married yet, Oga Sabinus shares a romantic relationship with Ciana Chapman. The would-be couple’s public acknowledgment of their relationship adds a touch of sweetness to the comedian’s otherwise private personal life.


Sabinus’s Net Worth

Oga Sabinus has made a name for himself in the industry. He is one of the most successful online content creators in Nigeria. Reports suggest that his net worth is estimated at $1 million. This financial success is mirrored by his choice in luxury automobiles. He bought a Mercedes Benz SUV in 2021. He also recently bought three cars for his friends, who are also into skit making but relatively new in the industry.

Social Media Sensation

It would honestly be safe to say that Sabinus has conquered the social media space with a massive following across various platforms. He has large engaging followers on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and X (formerly known as Twitter). He also has lots of subscribers on YouTube. He’s an influential social media content creator, which also transform to higher money for him and makes it easier for brand partnership.


Mr Funny had his early education in  Port Harcourt and went on to acquire his Bachelo’s Degree in Linguistics and Communication Studies from the University of Portharcourt.


Mr Funny’s career started in 2015 but he began to see mainstream success in 2019. He was nominated in the 2021 maiden edition of The Humor Awards Academy alongside fellow comedian Basketmouth. Mr Funny discovered his comedy talent at a young age. He began actively doing comedy skits while he was in university.

This was in 2015 during a particular School Student Union week. Mr Funny decided to pursue his career further by uploading various comedy skits on his social media handles, especially Instagram.

Soon enough, he started getting noticed by Nigerian top Instagram influencers who started sharing his skits. His followers on the platform grew.

Mr. Funny broke into the comedy industry in 2019.

His popularity has earned some notable recognition. Oga Sabinus is the brand ambassador for a popular betting site: Oddstackr and many others. Some of his role models who have influenced him in his comedy career are Mr Ibu and Charles Inojie.

He won the Best Male Skit Maker category of the year in the  Awards 2022.  He was nominated alongside Funnybros, Mr Marcaroni and Broda Shaggi.

Mr Funny has also featured in multiple Nollywood movies, the likes of ‘Billionaire’s Bride’, ‘Man of War’ etc.

In May 2022, Mr Funny sued two Nigerian food companies for allegedly using his image and catchphrases without his permission. Specifically Friesland Food  allegedly used the trademarked phrase “something hoodge” to advertise their Peak Milk product; while UAC used an animated image of Mr Funny in ads.

In September 2022, Mr. Funny made his London debut as Oga Sabinus at The Lighthouse event centre.


Within the Nigerian comedy industry, Oga Sabinus stands tall, not just in stature but in the hearts of millions who find joy in his humor. With an evolving career, a blossoming personal life, and a net worth reaching new heights, his journey continues to unfold, promising more laughter and entertainment for years to come.

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