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I was a victim of pastor chris and church healing scam.

I was a victim of pastor chris and church healing scam.
A Netizen replied that staunts laugh to fellow: “So what gave Pastor Chris the assurance that they would rise when he commanded them to rise? That he would not be embarrassed?

It’s the fact that they had been pre-screened by Pastor Amenkhienan and his other close helpers. He knew that they could all walk.

it is well.

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Another netizen confirmed in an Instagram post: My dear I was in this same healing school for 3 weeks and the final when Chris came when they do this live “healing service” I saw able bodies people asked to climb on this stretchers. Take a close look at thier legs, body they all look able bodied! I saw the real crippled people unattended to. I saw so many things that I cannot write at a go. Even my friend who walks with a limp had to go to India for surgery because he wasn’t healed like so many people I saw. I wonder how this man over the years has been able to continue with this charade.

so what really happened, because i am confused.

Now, this is what happened:

A good follower of mine took to her instagram page and related thus:

Sadly I too was a victim of what I can only call the greatest scam in the modern day history of the Pentecostal church. A well played out scam which is enabled by the likes of deaconess Gbadamosi, Brother Dele, Pastor Shola, Reverend Owase, Reverend Tom and no other person but pastor Chris. I experienced his scam all the way back in the early 2000’s and had I not known the Lord, I sincerely would have walked away from the faith. Before you start reading, I ask that you speak to the Lord and as a believer expect him to give you answers. He’s your father, so asking him to help you know truth is part of his will.

I only could tell one person in the world about my experience that night after a build up from the so called healing school. I later on recounted it to one other person, but sadly they were too fragile and such a truth would break their bubble, so they refused to hear anything. Eventually they came round to knowing that it was all true. I had always wondered why women could get raped and not speak, but abuse is something that takes years to speak about.

Some of you wonderful sisters who were abused have never spoken about it, and some of you sick men who have abused other ladies sometimes live in fear of your victims speaking out one day. Weirdly, some do speak out and also some don’t. Some of you men are actually in churches and walk around almost free, and if this can happen to guilty men, imagine the support a ministry like Christ has in suppressing claims made against them. From thousands of brainwashed members, to a media empire.

Let’s not forget that these are media ministries which have one way traffic, you only see what they want you to see. I wish I get to meet sir John one day, for he is truly a blessing to those who seek truth. Sinach and all the rest of the families are also fully aware of the scams they portray to thousands of innocents and an audience wanting to be deceived. It’s no wonder the ministry operates a system of nepotism and it reigns in that place. From brothers, to sister in-laws, to all you can name, you find the whole lot there.

A system where total allegiance is required to continue fooling millions of people. Only a handful of people would even dare bring these accusations before the Lord, but would rather scream words like envy, bitterness etc. I do not know how the cry of people for justice has turned to bitterness, I guess only under Christ Embassy.

The same behaviour was revealed when their beloved mama in the Lord Reverend Anita decided to say adiós to the madness going on there. One of the only people allowed to climb the stage of meetings and wear the white suit, was suddenly called bitter by those who would have rolled over the floor Kandahaying and kabashing in so called other tongues, had she touched them. Suddenly, simply because pastor Chris portrays her as not valuable, like zombies they cast her away. The very same woman they had boldly told people had enough grace to live seperately from her husband. When people began to question the separate lives of the top echelon of Christ embassy, the new policy was pushed on to have certain church workers in different branches, simply to take heat off the questions about the marriage.

A few weeks to the announcement of the divorce, the ministry pushed out a statement saying nothing was wrong, but I guess time was the best revealer of truths. At each phase, sadly the members morph into defenders of what ever line the ministry goes in, whether right or wrong. Continued…

So, what happens to his favourite Godson MOSES BLISS?


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Having gone to the healing school at Alausa Ikeja, it used to be held in the main ground of an auditorium that had some sort of zinc structure with pillars on it. The scam of the healing school is such that the victim is the one who uses their hands to shoot themselves in the foot. It is carefully scripted so that the victim makes himself a target if he tries to speak up. Most other ministries apply the same method whenever anyone tries to speak against them and expose their tricks. I went to the healing school for an ailment and had always followed pastor Chris since the late 90’s.

The first part of the healing school is where you are interviewed and details of what is wrong is written and take note off. A video is made of each participant, stating thier names, Thier ailments, how long for etc. (Three major videos form part of the intricate scam which is used to fool the world and possible hold its victims to Ransom). This here is the first phase of the scam. Those attending the healing school have to sign confidentiality forms stating not to speak of events at the healing school.

You are then told to attend classes etc, and there are different groups of people within the healing school. Those with visible ailments (totally blind, totally crippled etc), none visible ailments such as HIV, diabetes, partial blindness etc. All sorts of stories are then told to people about the so called miracles that happen there, videos of crusades etc. On the outside it looks innocent and plain until you dig deeper. As you attend the healing school, you are then also told that to secure your healing, pastor Chris must lay hands on you on the night of a major meeting, night of bliss, cross over night etc and that is the pattern.

Attendees are told that failure to get hands laid on by pastor Chris would lead to a loss of healing along the line. Pastor Chris comes to the main meeting, they beam the video to the crowd, he lays his hands, so called miracles occur (I’ll come to that part) and the innocent victims in that scene shoot themselves in the foot. The usual teachings on confessions are taught throughout the so called time at the healing school. Some people attend the healing school for years and don’t get to see pastor Chris, months and weeks depending on how visible their ailments are.



The more visible the ailment of the person was who attended the healing school, and the the harder it is for CE to scam people with their tricks, the less likely they were to graduate and get to be prayed for by pastor Chris. People attend the healing school and there is a massive filtering of those who the crowd get to see. As sir John stated, it is what pastor Chris wants you to see that you get to see. Those who can walk, but need wheelchairs as an aid are definitely classed as having passed their course at the healing school and qualified to meet pastor Chris. Those without visible ailments are also classed as having passed their course and qualified to meet pastor Chris. Topics such as how to receive your helaling are looked at and general scriptures on healing etc.

Meanwhile, Confession and acts of faith are taught to people. Let’s touch on the recieving part which plays into the script. The sick are told of how to respond when pastor comes into the room and how to receive their healing. Don’t just stand there when he comes into the hall of the healing school, you have to learn how to receive a miracle. Don’t stiffen your body but let the anointing flow. Faith calls the things that be not as though they are. When he lays hands on you, jump around, celebrate, scream I am healed, even though your body might not seem healed. Anchor yourself on this part and go through healing school videos to see how they celebrate when they are touched by pastor Chris.\

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With some woman in the background, you hear things like “the man of God walks into the room and lays hands on them, she falls on the ground, they are healed. Suddenly they stand up and are healed. They jump around, they wave their hands in the air praising God. I’m quite sure we’ve seen this many times. Regarding falling, look up the ministries of Peter popoff who was exposed as using an earpiece to receive information on the sick from his wife, the info he passed on as words of knowledge were from prayer cards the sick had filled at healing classes, prior to the main meeting where they were to be healed. They fell under the supposed power, and were being deceived right under their noses. This video is only 16 minutes long, the original was 9 minutes long max, so please watch it..

What is your take over this?

I was a victim of pastor chris and church healing scam.

And what exactly is christianity turning to?

Question for discussion: A netizen, what happend to Pastor Chris and Love world fame??

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