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Jnr Pope Is Alive Not Dead Today


The popular Nollywood actor Junior pope is alive!!!

A Netizen commented on an Instagram post

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Nollywood Legend Amechi muonagor is dead

Praise God for HIS Mercies.

First thing First.
Whoever is saved and around the young man should quickly Lead him to Christ.
Get him to utter the Prayer of Salvation.
This is the most Important thing to do.

Calm down.

He was first saved by those caring people around him who volunteered to ensure he is revived. Bringing religion into this is not righteousness. It makes those who carried him tro and fro look stupid.

Christianity wey white man carry come give una use exploit una resources naim una still carry for head until today. People wey even bring am to you no dey take am serious. They keep making weapons of war, creating earthly protection and still exploiting ….but here you are scouting for e-church members telling them to focus on going to heaven and not hell. What would those who go to heaven actually do? All of una wan go heaven but una no know wetin una go do there. As if angels dey retire or e dey short for there?

So in your mind, you will die and automatically develop wings like a bird and fly to your two bedroom boys quarter in heaven as an angel? Ruling over who na? Praising God? Na the purpose of creating earth? Dey play.

On the other side, hell inko? Satan go torment sinners baa? The same Satan wey make Eve first sin? Or the same Eve wey still eat from the symbolic tree that God put there in the first place?

You think I wasn’t a Christian?

Mr Ibu Okafor is dead
A netizen replied regarding to John Okafor Mr Ibu Demise
Name it…I don go different religions and it sums all that humans are always wanting protection from the supernatural.

All these religions were created so that the whites can have a good grip of their colonies. It’s mathematics…they embezzle tor resources, you keep praying to their white God and there white Jesus who supposedly died for your sins and blame the black horned Satan (it had to be pictured black for a reason to them). And in your mind, a white man can die for your sins! Or a God of a white man cares for the black man.

It’s high time Africa woke up.

The other day was one Daddy G.O saying he prayed and drove his cars miles without fuel. Really? What stopped you from praying and the holy spirit creating a chariot for you? Na man made things your prayer only dey work for?

Or the prayer that people of other denominations will bow for people of his church? Oops. So Christians are different from Christians?

With all these una grace of God, una still type RIP later come change am to “what God cannot do doesn’t exist.”

Una confuse o

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